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Jesse Dean Allison

February 6, 1959 ~ May 10, 2020 (age 61)


Jesse Dean Allison was born on February 6 1959 to mother Kay Johnson and father Charles Ray Allison in Chicago, IL.  He was a son of two, a brother of five, a favorite uncle of many, a father of two and most of all a good hearted man that will give a helping hand to anyone anytime. He lived his life as if there was no tomorrow, always on the go with energy that we thought would give him a long life to live. On Sunday May 10 2020, Mother’s Day and his late close family/friend Hector's birthday he finally took his faith in the Lord above and let go of all his pain. He fought very strong against his illness of Cancer as he was always strong with anything that he has faced in his life.

He lived most of his life in Chicago growing up with his loving siblings, Charles (Lucille) Allison, William (Theresa) Allison, Janita Stevens (nee Allison), Linda (Pedro) Becerra, Kathleen (William) Waloski and many many friends.  He was the baby of all five siblings and he definitely made that clear as he was spoiled and loved. He was very intelligent, outgoing, and one exceptional mechanic. His love for cars and anything that needed to be fixed with tools was his passion. He enjoyed the outdoors in Chicago with lawn mowing caring for his neighbors like the bible says. He also had a wild side of him and a few times in his life got himself caught up in the wrong crowds but never ever forgot about his family or the Lord above. He took the time to read his bible faithfully and go to church when he could. He has celebrated life with many of his nieces and nephews attending holidays, weddings, and celebrations making many memories of dancing, laughing and drinking beer. He loved his beer, Budweiser to the taste of his time until they made Bud Light, and ended up loving Heineken. He loved to have a beer watching his hometown sports team the Chicago Bears, the Chicago White Sox, and the Chicago Blackhawks. He loved anything that had the symbol on it with these teams, it was very easy to get him birthday, father’s day, and Christmas gifts. He was an easygoing guy until it came down to real business then it was a good fight until the very end. Not only did he have the love of life itself he has always loved animals from a very young age of seven years old, he had a boxer named Duke. After Duke he continued to love all the dogs he could, he loved King, Snowball, Shatzie, Sage, and his most recent babies Lily Jean, Sox, Daisy, Foxy, Lil Man (lucky), Abbie Girl. He also enjoyed fishing anywhere he can, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes. He made time for himself to go fishing with anyone who wanted to go with him to think about things in life or just to go find some peace and quiet as he would say, “He has to go wind down.” 

At the age of twenty he became a father of two children Jesse and Melissa. He was very proud of his children and tried his hardest to be in their life to the fullest. He guided them with the help from his family and the mother of his children to make sure they knew he loved them even if he wasn't there all the time. He taught them to work hard, pray, and be grateful for all the things God has given. He always let them know he was there for him whenever they needed them in good times and hard times. He always told them family was important no matter what was going on to always make time for one another even if it was a short visit for coffee, lunch or dinner. He definitely had strong opinions as a father but always allowed his children to make their decisions in the end with the faith of God by his side. 

He finally settled his journey upon moving to Colorado to be with his kids and meet his grandkids Christopher, Aaron, Amelia, and Sarah aka Monkey, Baby Jesse Jr., Isaac to make a better life for himself. He enjoyed being a Grandpa very much, he gave them all the love he could with all the stories he shared to make them laugh. He taught them to help others in need, read the bible, and to let them know he was there for them as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west everything was going to be okay. He said, “Colorado was like Heaven to him” the first time he saw it. He enjoyed nature so much it moved him to feel all the fresh air he could and to feel free once and for all in his life. 

He always found a reason to get out of the house and do something, nothing ever held him back. He worked hard with his nephews, Jason, Tito, and Jimmy at the mechanic shops to fix all the cars he could to keep him busy. Later, he bought himself a mobile home and boat to make all the memories he could with anyone that wanted to come and visit him. A short while after that he met Stacey, his girlfriend and her two nephews that became part of his life until the end. He proudly loved Evan and Anthony as his own sons and taught them anything and everything about cutting lawns, cars and fixing things around the house. He was very happy to be as one as a family to make many more memories as he did with all the love around him. He carried on his wisdom and funny thoughts to another generation with good and bad days but with pride. He always made sure everyone had what they needed as a family and that is keeping in touch, loving one another, and doing what you can to make things right. 

In his last days of battling cancer he was gratefully cared for by his nephew Bryan, his son Jesse and his best friend Rudy that he loved and enjoyed many memories with throughout his life. He was truly blessed to have the strength around him to ensure that he was in good hands until the very end. He wanted to be home and surrounded with love from his family and friends from near and far. With all the love,wisdom, and knowledge that Jesse Dean Allison has shared in his lifetime, he will be truly missed as a son, father, brother, uncle, spouse, friend, good mechanic, lawn keeper, good neighbor, hard worker, good dancer, best beer drinker, and most of all a child of God who prayed and watched over everyone to his last days as given from the Lord above. 

Viewing at Viegut Funeral Home on Thursday, May 14, 2020 from 3pm-6pm. Cremation to be completed following viewing. A Private family memorial services will be held.


May 14, 2020

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Viegut Funeral Home
1616 N. Lincoln Avenue
Loveland, CO 80538

Private Services

Viegut Funeral Home
1616 N. Lincoln Avenue
Loveland, CO 80538

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